Extra Cost

MOST ALL FOOD IS INCLUDED:  They give you the option to pay a little more for the finer restaurants.  However, there are so many choices that you may never want to.

Restaurants listed below are “free”… PLUS – Room Service…!  (However, between Midnight and 5am room service costs $3.95)

Breakfast:  Solarium Bistro, Vitality Spa Cafe, Park Cafe, Windjammer, Main Dining Room, and even Johnny Rockets.

Lunch: Wipe Out Cafe, Windjammer, Park Cafe, Main Dining Room, Solarium Bistro.

Dinner: Main Dining Room – Assigned Times either 6:oopm or 8:30pm.  Vitality Spa Cafe, Windjammer, Donut Shop and the Boardwalk Bar are all open until 9PM.

Snacks:  Cafe Promenade (sandwiches)- Open 24 Hours.  Vitality Spa Cafe, Donut Shop, Boardwalk Bar each Open- 6-9pm.  Mondo Cafe Open- 6-1am.  Sorrento’s Pizza Open- 6-3am.

EXTRA COST Restaurants: Vintages Tapas Bar (A La Carte), Starbucks, Cupcake Cupboard, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, Johnny Rockets all of these are no reservations needed – prices are on menu.  Chops Grille, Giovanni’s Table,  150 Central Park, Portofino’s Italian, Izumi,  Solarium Dinner, and Seafood Shack,  are all reservations made ahead with fees between $20-$35 per person.

LIQUOR…!  NOT INCLUDED.  Please seriously consider your vacation drink consumption.  A prepaid bar bill is far more reasonable than staring at your $700 bill at the end of the week..!  These are pre-paid and unlimited.  Perfect for replacing a warm drink with a cold one, or if you swim and misplace your drink too.  The “drink of the day” is included WITHOUT the glass.  Gratuity is included..!  Tip extra if you desire (the bar staff is worth it..! – Or place a zero in the tip line and just sign.

Classic Beverage Package: Domestic Beer, Domestic Wine – $45 per day = $315 per person.

Premium Beverage Package: All Liquor, Drinks of the Day, All Beer, Many Wines, Domestic and Foreign Brut. – $55 per day = $385 per person.

PLEASE NOTE:   Pre-paid online BEFORE May 5, 2014 or BEFORE 12 midnight on Day 3 (Labadee, Haiti)..!

CARRY ON:  Each CABIN is allowed 2 bottles of either Wine or Champagne to carry on for consumption in your room.  You must not conceal it inside your luggage as that is “smuggling” – this is truly a carry on.

EXCURSIONS:   If you plan to do an activity on shore – these will be reserved in advance and paid accordingly prior to sailing.  You can also walk around and shop, have a drink, buy lunch and enjoy the beaches for very little expense. 

TRAVEL EXPENSES:  However you choose to get to Fort Lauderdale either by car or air – that is for you to arrange prior.  Also any Hotel that you wish for the night prior or after.  All EXTRA.

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