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Deck 7


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In Room Safe

Every Stateroom Closet has a Safe for your small valuables. To give you an idea of the size… one iPad will fit easily at the bottom. Two have been reported to fit at an angle – due to the locking

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RoomService is on the TV

Ordering Room Service is as easy as selecting items off from your TV MENU. So much more efficient than hanging a paper card on your door handle in the hall. (I speak from experience… drunks will mess with those little

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We have Paid for an UPGRADE…!

First of all the facts are: After final payment we are no longer able to get a savings from a PriceDrop as our Cabin value is locked in.  BUT – when a Category of Greater Value has a PriceDrop (which

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Cruise Doors..!

            Will ya take a look at Jodi and Ryan’s Cruise Door (above)…!!!  Ba Ha ha Ha…!!!  This is AWESOME…!!  It is laminated and she will use this to decorate her door.  She will also

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Bikini ClothesLine

Here’s a little, lightweight, but important thing to toss into your luggage..! About 15 feet of ClothesLine…! Simply placing your wet bathing suits onto your Balcony will allow them to air dry… BUT, when the ship is moving – the

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Room Service

Ahhhh…. The All Included Room Service…! To enjoy Breakfast on your Balcony – simply fill out the “door hang” Menu the night before. Choose anything or everything – select a time (that you will be AWAKE)… Hang it in the

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