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Forecast = HOT..!!


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Sail Away Forecast

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4 Days to DeadLine..!

Join Us for the Cozumel Beach Bar Hop..! The DeadLine to Add BraveHearts is Wednesday. ALL of the information is on my MainPage – look at the “constant” Pages – the one that clearly states – Cozumel Bar Hop..! This

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Cozumel Bar Hop

Was doing some research , , , for those who are doing the Cozumel Bar Hop. Some points to keep in mind when we do this jaunt: • The four (4) bar/restaurants are CASH ONLY. • Bring plenty of $5

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In the Port this morning….  Turn ON your Volume…. At  5pm she sails… GoTo LINK around 4:50… and when she leaves… Listen to the HornBlast, watch her head out of Port, and see how the Camera will Zoom in on the People waving…

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Labadee Cabanas

Labadee Cabanas Just a Heads Up…!  Patrick and I have each rented a WaterFront Beach Cabana for our Day on Labadee.  At the time we did this last Thursday there was only one more cabana that remained for renting.  This

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Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville

Imagine any number of Rum Drink concoctions that you could dream up and a bar menu compete with Nachos or Coconut Shrimp. Located safely within the Cruise Port. NOTE: At the end of your day in Jamaica… board the ship

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