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Forecast = HOT..!!


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Happy 5 5 5…!!!

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4 Days to DeadLine..!

Join Us for the Cozumel Beach Bar Hop..! The DeadLine to Add BraveHearts is Wednesday. ALL of the information is on my MainPage – look at the “constant” Pages – the one that clearly states – Cozumel Bar Hop..! This

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It could be a Cruise or a weekend at the Bethoney’s. A trip to Las Vegas or a week in the Outerbanks…. Wherever my vacations take me. The destination is enriched with the company of my FRIENDS…!! I don’t ever

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In the Port this morning….  Turn ON your Volume…. At  5pm she sails… GoTo LINK around 4:50… and when she leaves… Listen to the HornBlast, watch her head out of Port, and see how the Camera will Zoom in on the People waving…

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Are you ready brother?

Everyone be sure to pack the racerback tank tops!!! We can’t miss our vacation workouts!! 🙂

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Armando says… “PlaceYourBets”…!!

Here is a Message from Armando… 15 days never seemed so far! ps: start placing your bets on who misses first night’s dinner! these are latest odds (as determined by Cristina = 2 to 1 Tommy = 2 to

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