Cozumel Bar Hop

Was doing some research , , , for those who are doing the Cozumel Bar Hop. Some points to keep in mind when we do this jaunt:
• The four (4) bar/restaurants are CASH ONLY.
• Bring plenty of $5 and $1 bills to make your transactions easier. (trust me on this)
• Figure about $13-18 entrees and about (+/-) $6 beers & (+/-) $8 drinks.
• Check your bill to make sure tip is not included. BTW, ‘average tip’ in aLL of Mexico (Cozumel included) is much lower than here in the US (10%).

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2 comments on “Cozumel Bar Hop
  1. Keith Angell says:

    Already thinking ahead to day 6? Hehe. Thanks for tip regarding carrying cash and small bills.


    • Lori Venezia says:

      Excellent info… ThankYou…!! BTW…Last weekend FOX News Travel ran their usual weekend piece on 5 destinations. Cozumel was one – the girl said that if you are traveling there – GoTo the opposite side of the island..! Amazing beaches, less touristy, and far away from the crowd. She describe the beaches as being on the TopTen for most beautiful in the world. Just can’t wait to get an eye full – it’s Fugly in Upstate.


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