Cruise Photos…!

Here is the LINK to the website that is sub-contracted by Royal Caribbean (also Disney and Celebrity cruise lines), to take ALL of our OnBoard and Port Photos.

IF you should return home and regret not having purchased ANY of the Photos from the Focus Photo Gallery (located on Deck 5).  You will still have a “window of opportunity” to do so online.


OnBoard (and later date purchases online) the Digital CD of EVERY PHOTO that your FACE was in… can be purchased with the CopyRight release.  This allows you to go to a print shop like Kinkos and reproduce as many photos as you desire.  The price is $309.99 as shown below.


NOTE:  ONLY the photos with ONE Stateroom will be on that Photo CD plus any additional photo that your FACES are in.  For example… When Patrick or myself are in the photo with my kids, our Mom, my sister and our friends…. all of those will be on “my” Photo CD.  This rule applies to you as well.  Photos that YOU are in will be available to you on your CD if you desire to make that purchase.  A photo of just my Mom and Sister or one with just my kids…. that’s an extra purchase.  Hey, I don’t make the rules – I just report.

EVERY SINGLE PHOTO that is taken will be On Display in the Focus Photo Gallery.  You can physically grab them off from the wall and and make the Individual purchases… at the moment, during the week or at the end of your cruise.  I suggest that you grab an amazing “must have” photo at that moment and secure it in your Stateroom.

Wait Lines can be very long during their busiest times… which seem to be Evening and Late Night.  Afternoons are not so bad.  Mornings with your coffee are the best.

ALL photographs are taken using Face Recognition iImage software.  You will GoTo a Kiosk, Enter your SeaPass into one of the many the Kiosk Computers, your Photos will appear on a digital carousel for viewing.  Occasionally you will be prompted to verify if a photo is actually “you” as the Face Recognition may be unsure…especially if you make a “funny face” or have your eyes closed at flash time.

Follow the directions on the TouchScreen Kiosk and make your purchases.  ALL fees will be applied directly to your SeaPass.  Photos purchased from the Kiosk will be picked up at the desk after a small wait time – or later pick-up.

Knowing ME… you realize that I personally LOVE the CruisePhotos.  So you may want to weigh this knowledge along with the value of my opinion.  However, I ask you to find more flattering photographs of any vacation that you have ever been on..!  I truly believe that they take excellent photographs and I cherish all of my cruise photos..!  Patrick truly HATES the COST..!  So this cruise we PLAN to take more photos ourselves….!

That’s why I purchased this little cutie….Nikon Coolpix SO2  (on Sale for $99 at Target from it’s intended $189 list price).  It uses NO SD card, and captures 3,000 full resolution photos (13.2 mp) internally.  NO Batteries – it can be charged with USB on a computer or with wall adapter (included).  You will shoot about 100+ photos on one charge.  Also has a 2.7″ TouchScreen so it is just like using an iPhone.  Even has quick drag/drop for delete to Trash.   The 3x Optical (4x Digital) Zoom Lens retracts upon ShutOff.  So easy to use… that it took Cammeo and I about 5 FUN minutes to get it set up..!

So I will be snapping a ton of photos this time… and I freaking hope that I am in some of them instead of just behind the camera like usual..!!  Arrgghhhh…..  I will also bring my little Video Camera so “You’ve Been Warned”…!!  Ba ha ha


Get READY to SMILE…!!!!








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