Speedo Aerobics..!

HILARIOUS….!!!! Watch this guy… He really gets into it…. Love Him..!!


Unlimited Creative Artist with talents in Cooking, Entertaining, Vacation Planning, Creative Costumes, Decorative Painting, Furniture Reupholstery, Wood Refinishing, Sewing, Design, Carpentry, Building, Draperies, Painted Stemware, and many, many more.

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2 comments on “Speedo Aerobics..!
  1. veganhottie says:

    Today, this was my cup of “morning joe…”

    My eyes are wide awake now and I… just… can’t… seem… to… look… AWAY!

    Let’s invite this guy to join us!!


  2. armandonyc says:

    It is people like this that make such events fun to watch. This guy appears to enjoy making fun of the event, by making fun of himself first! Excellent find!


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