In the Port this morning….

Image  Turn ON your Volume…. At  5pm she sails… GoTo LINK around 4:50… and when she leaves… Listen to the HornBlast, watch her head out of Port, and see how the Camera will Zoom in on the People waving… We will be at the SKY BAR on the Port side of the ship… This IS the LiveCam side…!!  Run to the railing and WAVE to family and friends watching..!!

The picture ABOVE is a ScreenCapture Photo that I took from the LIVE Video of the PortEverglades in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  I could tease you and say…. That’s our ship.  Ahhh that would not be true.  Oasis of the Seas left last night at 5pm and this is Allure of the Seas her “sister” ship.

However, because the Oasis and Allure are identical…. You can check out the WebCam link this morning with coffee and again at 5pm today – as her SailAway is the same time as ours – just different Itineraries.

You can also see the GIGANTIC size of this Baby…!!  Recognizable by it’s OpenHull…These are the ONLY cruise ships to have this extreme engineering design.  You can see the Inside facing Balcony Staterooms overlooking TheBoardwalk (which is the size of a FootBall field…!!)



The Ruby is in Port as well.  That’s a Princess Cruise ship.  I personally don’t think it’s a pretty looking ship.  It’s also FULL of OLD people.  The emphasis OnBoard a Princess Cruise is Formal Nights, Quiet Lounges, Sleeping on Deck and Fine Dining.  They roll up the NightLife carpet early… NOT Family friendly… They do have a kid/teen program – but it is very pale in comparison to the Royal Programs for kids.  That is a “senior” ship… Not for me…!  Any cruise ship that really, truly has a Lido Deck… ba ha ha – so, if want to spend a couple thousand dollars to take naps all week and dress fancy every night for dinner…. Go Princess…!


Go Peek at them Right Now…!!  The LINK is at the Top of the Page…!!


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