Post as “Author”







1.  Hit the ACCEPT button in your email

2.  This should take you directly to the Admin page

3.  If not:  copy/paste the address given in e-mail – paste into your web browser

a.  At some point in this quick process – you may have to create a UserName and Password.

4.  Then CLICK on upper right – “New Post”

5.  Select the form of Post that you will write.

NOTE:   I sent a link to Patrick’s computer so that I could see the process.  It works.  Just remember to hit Accept button first.  I did have to use the copy/paste approach on his computer.  After that – I was IN.

I will get an email like this…..


Unlimited Creative Artist with talents in Cooking, Entertaining, Vacation Planning, Creative Costumes, Decorative Painting, Furniture Reupholstery, Wood Refinishing, Sewing, Design, Carpentry, Building, Draperies, Painted Stemware, and many, many more.

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One comment on “Post as “Author”
  1. Jodi the vegan says:

    I didn’t see an “accept” button in my email…?


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