LiveCam for SailAway

LiveCam for SailAway

Here is the LINK to give to Family and Friends.  On Saturday, May 9th they can WATCH us LIVE at 5pm as we SetSail on our Beautiful Caribbean Cruise…!!

ALSO NOTE:  She will Sail TWO times before it’s OUR TURN…!  So, this Saturday, April 26th and again on May 3rd… WE can all watch her SetSail LIVE at 5pm…!  (p.s. May 3rd is the last week that “someone else” will be sleeping in our beds..!)

This WebCam is “manned” and operated so that during a SailAway they will manually ZOOM in on the UpperDeck and Balconies of the PORT side of the Ship as She passes by…!! You can easily recognize a familiar face – especially if they are on the phone and able to communicate exact location.  I watched Jodi & Ryan wave from their JuniorSuite Aft Balcony one time…!!

There is AUDIO so – TURN IT UP and hear the Loudest Ship blast from any cruise ship in the World.  HornBlasts are proportionate to the size of the vessel – the Deeper the Tones and the Longer the Blast – tells those within range that this is a HUGE ship passing by.   The fact that Oasis is the Biggest cruise ship in the World… her horn is VERY exciting to all of us OnBoard…!!  You WILL cover your ears..!!

Whenever we Enter and Leave a port or Pass a ship within range – she Blasts..!  My very favorite is (if we are lucky enough) to participate in a HornBlast with another cruise ship…!!  They will Blast back and forth just for fun as cruisers on both ships cheer with the friendly competition… Oasis, of course will always win..!  She is impressively Louder and Deeper – but this is the kind of rare fun that a cruise enthusiast waits to experience – no matter what ship you are on – they ALL want to hear the Biggest, Loudest ship “play” the game..!

We WILL BE ON DECK for SailAway… Things to Know:

1.  The Band plays only when the ship is sailing… so when you hear the Band – we have moved.

2.  You WILL NOT feel the ship move AT ALL..!

3.  Wave to Everyone and Anyone on Shore… they will be waving back… it’s just one of those funny things about humans… – we wave.!

4.  The Oasis has impressive Bow Thrusters and can literally pivot in place.  She will slide away from her massive dock – built specifically for her – and head into the center of the Port Everglades.  This is where she will slow to a stop – turn completely in place until the Bow is facing the Ocean – then we will head out to Sea…

5.  The Band plays music relative to the Country we are in.  USA, Haiti, Jamaica and Mexico are all on our Itinerary… However, expect to hear Beautiful Caribbean Steel Drums and Reggae as we SetSail…!!  Sets the tone for the Party Vacation..!!

6.  You can use your phone to call loved ones UP UNTIL we reach International Waters.  So – have your phone with you and call them while you SailAway…!!!  Turn your DATA and PHONE OFF BEFORE 5:45pm just to be safe and not incur extraordinary fees..!!

7.  P.S.  AnyOne Left at Home trying to Find me on the WebCam…. I will have my “signature look” SailAway Outfit on…  Bikini, Coin wrap and Heels…  That little coin skirt wrap has become the SailAway Tradition and a Bunch of us will be wearing them – including my Mom..!  If I could carry 100 of those fun wraps in my luggage – I would be able to sell them all – as so many girls ask me if I bought it on the ship..!  So, think Shakira (as Armando says…) and look for me…!!!  I’ll be Waving…!!




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