You Might Have Cruise Fever..!

You Might Have Cruise Fever..!

I have become increasingly aware of a rash of “CruiseFever” outbreaks within our group..!

My E-Mails, Phone Calls and Text messages are on the rise in alarming proportions..!

Top Ten Signs that you too could have the “CruiseFever”….

#10 Day Dreaming.

#9 A lack of ‘packing-list-confidence’.

#8 Downloading Countdown APPs.

#7 Spontaneous Fashion Showings of your Outfits.

#6 Fake Tanning.

#5 Trying on Bathing Suits in front of the Mirror.

#4 Making several Primping appointments for Hair, Nails and Speedo Waxing.

#3 Extra surge of WillPower to stay on the Diet.

#2 Compulsive Last Minute Shopping.

…and the #1 reason that you Might Have Cruise Fever…..

A Big Grin on your face that looks simply Giddy…!!

(From Armando…that’s Cammeo, Cristina, and Brittany up front and center; patrick with a drink in his hand (you behind him taking the pic); Chris stepping on my head; Chris’s folks playing paddle ball; Jodi tanning topless; Keith riding the banana; Ryan surfing in the background!)  Ba ha ha…!!



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