Hi-Tech Digital Signs

Hi-Tech Digital Signs

Aside from the Lo-Tech four color carpeting on the quadrants of the ship… there is a variety of signage to assist you in your navigation of the ship.

Etched glass panels adorn every elevator, 3D lighted glass ships welcome you to each deck, Interactive Giant “iPad” style touch screens on every deck landing and Interactive digital televisions in every stateroom.

If you are interested in the detail of technology that will effortlessly guide you once onboard – check out this link.  The designs work seamlessly within the ships beautiful upscale style.

P.S.  If you would like to memorize your carpet quadrant color… listed below is where you will be located.

Brittany and Mark – YELLOW – Starboard – Aft – Deck 7

Cammeo, Tommy and Cristina – BLUE – Port – Aft – Deck 9

Christopher – PINK – Port – Middle – Deck 11

Janet and Ken – PINK – Port – Middle – Deck 9

Armando and Keith – PINK – Port – Middle – Deck 11

Jodi and Ryan – PINK – Port – Middle – Deck 11

Lynn and Michele – PINK – Port – Middle – Deck 11

Sondra and Sharon – BLUE – Port – Middle – Deck 11

Lori and Patrick – BLUE – Port – Middle – Deck 11

If you notice…. ALL of  the Youths are riding the “back” of the bus…!!


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