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Motion sickness (mal de mer) is thought to be caused by the visual disorientation resulting from being on an object in motion (ship) competing against our body’s natural inclination for balance.

Using Sea Bands to prevent and eliminate the onset of sea sickness is easy. For those who have never tested their “Sea Legs” before; you have NO idea if you will experience a problem. Having been on a small boat or yacht is not a test in comparison.

The issue of sea sickness begins in your inner ear and is furthermore compounded by the lack of visual images of the horizon sent to your brain. You WILL NOT feel the Oasis of the Seas moving – BUT your inner ear and brain WILL.

Most people are totally unaffected by Motion Sickness. However, others like myself and my daughter; ARE..! Also it is worth noting that one other person in our group is highly susceptible to Car Sickness when riding in the back seat. This IS Motion Sickness.

You can address this HUGE discomfort and disruption to you vacation by medicating with Dramamine pills. In doing so, you will not be able to consume any alcohol as it is a drug simply designed to make you drowsy and sleep the hours of nausea away. Not a perfect solution when you’re trying to enjoy a beautiful, time limited, expensive vacation.

Sea Bands WORK. They are used in hospitals to treat post-op anesthesia nausea, chemotherapy patients, pregnancy, air and sea sickness. They are a Low-Tech, Reusable, NON Drug solution. I have attached an informative video with footage including interviews from an Anesthesiologist, a a Surgeon and a “local news” report from a pregnant woman. Plus an explanation on these little things work.

From personal experience, in 2008 on Liberty of the Seas; Patrick and I boarded the big ship with my bands on. By the second day Patrick had taken his off and was proclaiming that he felt no change. As I was dressing for the first Formal night that evening, I made a fashion choice to remove the grey bands as they, quite frankly; looked like crap with my pretty gown..! Within two hours we are sitting in the beautiful Main Dining Room and as my food was presented – I felt completely sick. I left Patrick and hurried back to my Stateroom to get those little ugly wrist bands back ON..! It was a slow recovery. I didn’t eat my dinner, didn’t have any cocktails, and wasn’t enjoying the unavoidable awful feeling. So, to this day – I wear them..! They will go on me just before 5PM for Sail Away. They will be “kind of” disguised under stretchy rhinestone bracelets on Formal Nights, I will wear them to shower and swim – then change into dry ones afterwards. Lesson LEARNED.

Cammeo also can attest to the little bands with her personal experience. On Freedom of the Seas – she took them off on the second day while exclaiming “Oh Mom, these are ridiculous and nobody else has them on.” In a couple hours I was guiding her down to the Infirmary to have a prescription of Dramamine dispensed. One dose at a time. She went to bed and slept for four hours. When woke up very “druggy”, very nauseous and miserable (mostly because she was missing out on everything!) She grabbed her Sea Bands and put them on..! I encouraged her to go with me to the Windjammer Buffet and grab a small plate of food. As soon as we arrived – the Staff recognized her tell tale symptoms of discomfort. A lovely Royal Caribbean Officer led us to a table with a panoramic view of the horizon, a plate of GREEN apple slices, saltine crackers and some Ginger candy. She instructed Cammeo to taste everything slowly and in 30 minutes take the plate with us down to deck 5 to go OUTSIDE. She wanted us Center-Center on the ship; Middle Deck with Middle Location. She said there were a handful of lounge chairs there that staff use to regain their “Sea Legs”. After sitting there, staring at the horizon, nibbling on anti nausea holistic remedies and wearing her Sea Bands – she recovered completely. BUT she lost about 12 hours of her vacation..!

She is presently begging her brother NOT to “test” if he is sea worthy – maybe its genetic. His mama and sister have it… we hope he just wears the stupid things..! So easy, and why take the chance of missing out..!!!

Bottom Line: Buy the cheap Sea Bands ($7 at most Pharmacy’s), bring some Ginger gum or candy, and remember to grab your Green Apples and Saltines should you need them. If you do take the drug pills or patch – DO NOT Consume Alcohol..!

I hope this helps you decide how to plan on avoiding any complications…!


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