We have Paid for an UPGRADE…!

First of all the facts are: After final payment we are no longer able to get a savings from a PriceDrop as our Cabin value is locked in.  BUT – when a Category of Greater Value has a PriceDrop (which happens as we get closer to sailing – to fill the ship..!) you can always call and ask for the Cost of an UpGrade.

So I called… Discussed the additional cost with Patrick AND… We now have a Grand Suite…!! Whoot Whoot…!  Cost us $350 each…!!  We rationalized this cost due to the fact that the GS came down in cost below the initial cost that we were willing to pay for the JS.  So we went for it…!!!!

At the present time anyone considering upgrading their Superior OceanFront Balcony to a Junior Suite… the cost would be: $800+ per/person.  Not a great value motivator at all..!

However, I still have the JuniorSuites running in my PriceDrop software and it is hitting the site constantly for drops… I will keep you informed should there be any interesting alerts..!  I would love to be able to UpGrade more cabins so, I’ll keep an eye on it..!



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