Packing the STUFF..!

Packing the STUFF..!

The Female Wardrobe
First Things First: Bring you favorite, most comfortable “play” clothes. Shorts, Tee-Shirts and SunDresses of any length. This will be your GoTo quick change Day Clothes. On Deck – you will either live at the pools or stroll around doing activities, casino and shopping. No need to DressUp..! You will NEED a Non-see thru cover-up for your bathing suit if you will be eating lunch in any venue. Also – I use the daytime hours to REST my FEET from the evening’s high heel torture – the ship is huge! Bring your most comfortable Daytime Shoes = sneakers, sandals, flip-flops! When you look at your Evening Shoes – consider walking Very FAR and for Many HOURS plus Night Club DANCING.

Purse:You will NOT need a purse on the ship. Your SeaPass is it..! A little beach tote the perfect alternative. Also great for trips to the pool. This “style” fits in with the Caribbean Cruise fashion – purses just scream – I’ve never been on a cruise before..!

On Shore: Bring SeaPass- you can not get off and back on the ship without it..! Crappy LONG run back to your cabin to get your ID…! CASH in small bills for tipping, shopping and eating. A secure purse or tote for your wallet. I also have a $20 rolling tote so that Patrick and I don’t have to carry all of our beach stuff, water bottles, cameras and purchases – I call it my “SeniorBag” and it is a life saver.

Labadee- Bathing Suits and a Change of Clothes – VERY casual. This is your Day in Tropical Paradise!! All food is Included and drinks follow your SeaPass drink-package. A BathingSuit Cover for the food buffet line – Please..! CASH in small bills for tipping, shopping and eating. Towels are Provided on the Island..! DO NOT bring PassPorts or Credit Cards…!!!!! Leave those locked up in your cabin safe..!

Jamaica and Cozumel- Everyone is heading to different Excursions. If you are going snorkeling or to the beach – bring a change of clothes. Shopping and Sight Seeing – Walking Shoes! and Casual “Play” Clothes. CASH in small bills for tipping, shopping and eating.

NOTE: ONLY bring your PassPort and Credit Cards if you are NOT spending the day within the Port or going on a Non-Royal Excursion. Otherwise – Just your SeaPass and Cash.

Evenings: Oasis will assign a rotating Dress Code for each NIGHT- Begins at 6PM and is ONLY for the Restaurants…! You can run around in shorts all week long – just not at Night in a food venue. (Or – After you dress-up, eat dinner and go dancing – put on your play clothes and walk the ship up on deck under the stars..!) I also bring a little evening Clutch purse for lipstick, SeaPass and reading glasses for the menu..!

Casual Nights: Sundresses or Pants. First and Last nights on the ship.

Smart Casual: Dresses, Long Skirts and Dressy Pants outfits. Days 3, 4, & 5.

Formal: Long Dresses or Skirts, Cocktail Dresses, Fancy Dresses, Dressy Pants and Blouses. Day 2 (Mother’s Day) and Day 6 (Cozumel) But I hope it’s Day 5..!

Other Stuff:
Hair Dryer – there is a nice one in the cabin – but if you have hair like Cammeo and Me – Bring One.

Shampoo/Condition: – the usual hotel size – as much as you want. Just ask for larger quantities. Or bring your own.

Toothpaste/Shaving Gel – Bring it.

NOTE: the Cabin has a beautiful Make-Up Vanity with drawers and lighted mirrors – also in the bathroom – However – for us OLD chicks (like me) Bring a magnifying mirror.

BandAids & “MoleSkin”: – for your dancing feet sore spots and blisters.

Plastic Hanging Pockets: See-Thru Clear Plastic, either the kind that holds shoes or the ones with little pockets that each zip close. I shove everything in there – from jewelry to hair bands, camera, socks, and little stuff. Organized and and easy to see.

If you have luggage room: toss in some cheap wire hangers – the free dry-clean company kind that you can throw away on ship when you leave. They do not have enough hangers in the closet and they are on permanent rings – so no more are available to give you.

NightLight: Cabins are beautifully DARK. I plug in a nightlight under my vanity to see the bathroom hiking trail..!

Carabiners: we bought ours a the HomeDepot check out for 99 cents. They are sold almost everywhere. Personally I choose not to hang my SeaPass around my neck for a week – so I get a hole punched in it at Guest Services and slip a key ring thru – then this will go onto my Carabiner. Easily clips onto a belt loop on shorts. Clips onto my bathing suit. Clips onto a beach tote. Formal night I toss it into a little “fancy clutch”

SeniorBag: (explained) It is roughly the size of an airline carry-on as it is allowed onboard. It has wheels that are nylon and could go on a rollerblade skate. This helps you pull it on sand covered walks. There is a metal collapsable handle for pulling the tote. Also shoulder straps to pick it up over steps and onto the escalators. Side pockets for water bottles. Inside pocket for little things. I keep the Giant ZipLocks in it for our wet swimsuits. Throw everything in it and never have to carry all of that stuff in the Hot Sun thru a Crowd. Here is a Link to see. I found the Olympia Brand for $20 at TJ Maxx: I bought the Black one so that Patrick would lug it for me..! It will be my carry-on for the flight.

DryEraseMessageBoard: also sold in a roll like “ContactVinyl”. This must be easily removed as your room steward will have to clean all residue. Mine leaves no trace. Add a magnetic dry erase marker for writing. Use one on the door in the hall so that we can message each other as to whereabouts, new friends will leave messages and teenagers will draw you interesting pictures..! Use one on the inside to remind you of your Excursions, Activities, Laundry Day and Reservations.

The Male Wardrobe:
First Things First: Consider khakis and a navy sport coat — a can’t-miss uniform when accompanied by everything from a polo shirt to (nice) T-shirt to an Oxford. You can wear this type of outfit just about anywhere except dinner on formal night. Also, unless you’re hanging by the pool, some kind of shirt is required. Dress Shoes, Casual Shoes – sneakers & sandals.

The Daytime Guide: Shorts are pretty versatile (athletic versions for working out and the pool deck). Jeans and casual khakis work, too. T-shirts and sports shirts go everywhere.

On Shore: Again, going too casual (tank tops, scruffy jeans, any kind of athletic garb) is considered disrespectful in many ports of call. And let’s face it: You’ll generally be more warmly welcomed in restaurants and shops if you’re dressed nicely. The only caveat for men is the same as for women: On active shore excursions or beach days, ultra-casual is just fine.

Evenings: You can pack a tuxedo if you have one — but tuxes are increasingly being outnumbered by business suits on formal nights – so simply look your very best. You can rent a tuxedo prior to sailing — just go to the Main page for RoyalCaribbean under the top drop down. It will cost: ($89 for Tux Jacket, 2 Shirts, Pants, Cummerbund, Bow Tie, 1 set of Cuff Links and “Silk Square”). ($12 add the shoes). ($99 for Tux Jacket, 2 Shirts, Pants, Vest, Bow Tie, Long Tie, 2 sets of Cuff Links and “Silk Square”). 5 Color Combos for vests and ties are available. Pre-Pay linked to your reservation. It will be hanging in your Stateroom when you arrive. Try it on first thing..! Fill out the form for any alterations – including shoe fitting – notify your Room Steward – he will follow thru on getting it altered and returned to your Cabin before Formal Night.

Also Pack a nice suit to wear for the Main Dining and other Restaurant venues. WindJammer will also serve a Buffet Dinner and some of the tables will have linen cloths, I’ve even seen live music performed. That venue is always casual and you could wear shorts to dinner.

Unisex Wardrobe
Sweaters and Jackets: You will want a rain jacket and sweatshirt for the unexpected wet, cold and chilly day. Women can carry a light sweater or shawl for dressy nights in the air-conditioned restaurants and a stroll on deck.

LightWeight Room Cover: Bathrobes are not provided unless you are in a Suite. You may ask for those that are still available and could score one. Otherwise bring a light cover robe for your balcony and greeting the Room Service delivery.

Hats: Throw in a hat to protect against the sun and remember your sunglasses as well. Consider pony tail bands and bandanas for windy days.

Shoes: Ladies especially should try not to pack a suitcase full of shoes. Try to bring styles that can serve multiple purposes (such as sneakers that go from gym to sightseeing or comfy sandals that work as well by the pool as they do at a casual dinner). Color coordinate your formalwear so you only have to pack one pair of dress shoes.

Non-Clothing Accessories
Day Packs: Small backpacks or totes can be quite useful for carrying cameras, books, sunscreen, water bottles and other items around the ship or in port.

Electronics: You may want to bring a portable music player as the cabin has an iPod dock with speakers, camera, video camera, portable book reader, or white noise machine. If you bring your cell phone, check about foreign country and onboard roaming charges before you turn it on mid-cruise; if you bring a laptop, inquire about hefty Internet usage rates onboard before logging on. And since many cabins have limited electrical outlets, some cruisers bring power strips.

Entertainment: On the lower-tech side of things, you’ll want to bring books, magazines and puzzle books for sea or beach days. If you plan on going snorkeling in every port, you might consider bringing your own face gear – I just use their flippers. Binoculars if you choose for your balcony.

Beverages: You are allowed – TWO bottles of Wine or Champagne per Cabin. No Liquor or Beer. Must be in your carry on – NOT smuggled in your luggage as they will take it. Plan to open your bottles and consume them in your StateRoom or pay a corkage fee of $30 at the dinner table.

Toiletries and Necessities: The Ship will provide the usual Hotel variety of Shampoo, Conditioner and Lotion. Shower Soap is in a Gel dispenser in your shower. Anything that you have forgotten can be bought on the ship in the shops including full size hair and shaving products. Additional personal items to consider include any medications you will need and lots and lots of sunscreen. Sunscreen can also be purchased onboard. Shopping for essentials will cost you a little more than on land – so pack wisely.

Storage: Like I mentioned above – I love the hanging organizers. Also lots of ZipLocks in different sizes for cords, sand/water protecting your cameras, carrying greasy sunscreen bottles.

Well, I think this is a great starter…. if I have overlooked anything essential just let me know – I will pass it along..!

Bottom Line: you will LIVE in the clothes that you would normally love to wear at home while partying, swimming, shopping and hanging out with friends – bring them. On Wednesday they will provide you with a paper bag – EVERYTHING that needs to be simply washed – just shove it in that bag for one fee. You will have it back late night or early the next day.


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