Opus Main Dining Room

Opus Main Dining Room

We are all set..! Royal Caribbean sent me a document to complete when I requested special seating for our group of 18…! I did NOT want to be on the third floor of the dining room as it has always been too hot. The men just sit there and melt in their suits and tuxedos. I have been promised a more comfortable location on the middle floor. If they surprise me and move us to the first floor – Yippee..! Of course the first floor is where the Captain sits with his VIP friends at the center big tables. This is also where the orchestra will be located to play us Live Music. The whole experience is simply wonderful. Especially on Formal Nights when everyone is looking elegant. I can hardly wait for Mother’s Day..!!

They do not have tables that can accommodate the entire group of 18 so we have a 10 & 8 combination right next to each other. In order to complete the form I had to fill in all of our names. Keeping Mom’s with their “kids” and couples together. However, please note that this is just to satisfy the document and our SeaPass – we can change our seats around as we choose. It did prove challenging and I stressed about this little thing way too much – didn’t want any Mom’s mad at me..!

Anyone who has elected to do the “MyTimeDining” will have their seats available to them should they choose to join us at 8:30pm. Also those who choose to dine there on nights that are not formal will be able to sit wherever they desire as many of us will be seeking out the other many restaurant venues for dinner.

Without having completed this form we would have been scattered all over this massive space that seats half of the ship at 6:30 and again at 8:30.

IMPORTANT: If you wish to not sit within this arrangement – Please contact me to release you. I will not question this decision – this is your vacation. I will contact Royal and make the new arrangements. This has to be done ASAP as I have already met the first deadline.


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