CALL your CreditCard

You must call the Customer Service number on the back of the Credit Card that you attached to your SetSail Pass. (This is also why it will be most important to have that SAME Credit Card with you at Sailing – Royal can attach a different card if you should forget to bring the RIGHT one – but chances are you never made your “Travel Alert Call” to the credit company..!

Either go thru an Automated system or Speak directly to a Representative – Notify them of your Travel Dates.

Some companies require only an automated entry of dates entered onto your phones keypad and others will ask the exact Travel information as to the Ship, Itinerary (Eastern Caribbean) and dates of sailing.

WARNING:  If you neglect to do this (at any time) Prior to Sailing – be prepared to stand in a LONG line with similar cruisers at the Guest Services desk and place your Ship-to-Shore call.  You will have to do this once you discover that your Credit Card is Frozen due to International Waters..!  You could also ask Patrick about his personal experience the last time he sailed on Oasis.  It took him HOURS to fix the problem. Very annoying and a total waste of time..!

So Make That Call…!!


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