Luggage Tags

Luggage Tags

Your Luggage Tags will be sent to you electronically unless you ordered the “Luggage Mailer” Service for an additional $35 each.

There is no need to pay the extra fee if you have a printer and are computer savvy…!

I will alert you when they become available and show you the Cheapy, Cheap, Cheap way to make them Officially work for you.

As shown in the picture… you can go online and pay for plastic sleeves that they will slide into…. Cost runs about $15 for 3.

If you are interested… make sure that you are buying the Royal Caribbean size!!! These are not a universal product and each cruise company has their own standard.

Places to buy…., and (pictured).

You can additionally have them Laminated at an OfficeDepot shop.

Otherwise – Buy some Clear Packing Tape and make your own like I do….!

NOTE: You goal with the tags: 1. Expedite your boarding process. 2. Clarity in identifying your Stateroom location and 3. Durable enough to withstand the baggage handlers.

Stay Tuned for their Availability…!!!!!


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