Dining Reservations

Dining Reservations

Here is a photo of the Opus Main Dining room. It is located on Decks 3, 4, and 5. Your SeaPass will have a code for your Table assignment. We have 18 in the group that will all be seated at a designated table arraignment.

This is a GRAND Dining Room.  There will be Live Music playing during dinner to add an Elegant experience to the evening.  Patrick and I only dine in Main Dining on Formal Nights.  We love the Grandness of the Room and of course – the all included Lobster and Filet Mignon Menu.

There are a total of 21 Dining Options on Oasis of the Seas. Some are for an additional fee.

Make your Reservations ONLINE Now..!

Your reservations will be placed in your Stateroom. Please REMEMBER to attend. You PAY ahead. If you screw up the night and arrive a day late (like we did one time), they may try to accommodate you… but they have no obligation to do so. We were taken care of – fully aware that it was my error… the restaurant was Chops Steak House and they were amazing to us. BUT – I don’t let that happen anymore..!!

So make any Specialty Dining reservations now…!

I’m thinking of going to Izumi’s for Lunch one day… I want to try the Hot Rock. It’s a Lava Rock heated to 575 degrees and you make your protein selections…! Izumi’s is an A La Carte Specialty Restaurant – you will need a Reservation.


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