Royal Cruise Care Insurance

Royal Cruise Care Insurance


Royal Caribbean sells their own Travel Insurance with a DEADLINE for purchase of February 24th, 2014.  It is called Cruise Care.

I have purchased Travel Insurance with each of my cruises.  I have used Royal’s with the exception of two times… once when I missed the Deadline and had to purchase Travel Guard online and the other when I went thru a TA (travel agent) and they sold us the Travel Guard – I’m sure there was a mark up in the final cost…!

I had the Royal Group Agent quote me our rates as it is a Cost that is calculated with the total value of your Cruise Purchase.

Royal also has a policy that would require BOTH parties sharing a Cabin to EACH purchase the insurance coverage.

Royal’s Insurance Cost:  Category N = $59/per person.  Category D-5 = $89 per/person.  Category JS = $119 per/person.

If you choose to use Travel Guard the online “Link” is found in my Blog Page named – Travel Insurance.  

Travel Guard will allow you to choose between three levels of coverage, (Platinum, Gold & Silver).  They will also allow you to insure the value of your Air, Hotel, and other expenses incurred.  You will choose one of the three Premium Prices offered for the coverage of your trip.  You can purchase this up to 24 hours prior to Departure.

Essentially, I want to cover the most costly part of my trip; which is my Cruise.  I also want any Medical Expenses to be covered should I require that level of Care.  Once onboard you do have a fully functional Medical facility on the Lower Deck – but your care will be out-of-pocket without the proper travel insurance.  A 24 hour Doctor and Staff are on call to assist all minor emergencies.  They can take x-rays, evaluate your condition and stabilize you should you need to be evacuated. With Travel Insurance all of this is covered. 

Do your research and decide what is best for you and your travel companion.  


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