Ahhh… The Flow Rider…! On Oasis and Allure there are TWO Flow Riders each.

Simply fill out your PRE-Cruise Planner and complete ALL of the required forms to ride the Flow Rider, Climb the Rock Wall, Fly on the Zip Line and Ice Skate ON BOARD…!

This way – all you will have to do is stand in line for your turn at FUN…!!

GIRLS – Pack a ONE PIECE Bathing Suit – OR YOU will be the Main Attraction at the Flow Rider as others will be in the Viewing Grand Stand with their cocktails and waiting patiently for your bikini to get ripped up or down as you WIPE OUT…!

I highly suggest that if you are not going to ride – then you enjoy a Cold Beverage and Watch the Cruisers all try to stand up on this AMAZING Crazy Wave Ride…!! Spectators have just as much fun..!

I included a Video from the company that sells the Flow Rider. They are called Wave Loch.

Once onboard… Go to Deck 16. The Flow Riders are Left and Right of the appropriately named… WipeOut Bar.

If you so choose…. Patrick discovered that he could RENT the FlowRider for $500 per hour. He did this with a few travel friends and a couple “new” cruise friends – all split the cost. They had the damn thing all to themselves one night. I missed it as I was dressing for Formal Night. He totally enjoyed the hour he had with no wait line and a Personal Instructor.

P.S. If you want to find Patrick on the ship…. Check the FlowRiders FIRST…!


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