The “Oasis of Dreams” Show

This is the AquaTheater Show. DON’T MISS IT..!!! I have reserved Our FREE tickets for Me, Patrick, Our Mom’s, my Sister, her Boyfriend, my Daughter and her Best Friend.

This is the MOST AMAZING SHOW on ANY Cruise Ship. The “Aquatic Athletic Actors” are from Cirque Du Soleil. They will be OnBoard to Perform 6 Evening Shows, Sunday 9:00, 10:45; Monday 7:30, 9:30; Tuesday 7:30, 9:30. Wednesday we have a Day at Sea, but early Thursday morning when we arrive in Cozumel Mexico you may notice the Cirque Du Soleil talent disembarking as they make their way off the ship to catch flights to Las Vegas to perform their weekend Shows..!

My Ticket Seating is for Monday at 7:30 PM.


[Chris can reserve his Mom’s by “Adding Another Reservation”..!]


Click on “Pre-Cruise Planner”


Select “Reserve or Modify Entertainment”

Choose Show Time – If you join us… Monday, May 12 @ 7:30 PM.

Enter Your LAST NAME and RESERVATION Number.

To ADD someone else… Select “Add Another Reservation”.

This is FREE. One Ticket/per Person per/Show is what is allowed.

HOWEVER… Open Seating and the Seats will fill up FAST..! Get there at least a half hour EARLY…! Even though there are 600 seats – there will be standing room only at EVERY SHOW…! BONUS – as this is located on The Boardwalk… there is a “carousel round” Bar located within crawling distance… just have someone “save” your seat and Run up for a Beverage. Then Relax and wait for the BEST show ever performed on a Cruise Ship…!!

The AquaTheater is Outdoors on the Aft (back) of the Ship, Deck 5.

See you there…!!!

P.S. The online CALENDAR is highly efficient. If you have reserved another “event”, such as a Specialty Dinner, Comedy Club, Ice Show, etc… – it will NOT allow you to double book your time. So, if you are having trouble booking a selected show time – look at your calendar and decide which activity to keep and which one to change.

NOTE: You can have a FREE ticket to EVERY SHOW. If you don’t attend – they will simply pull people from the “velvet rope wait line” and allow them to fill ALL of the empty seats. This also is an option for you as well… if you get to a show without having made a reservation – simply stand in the wait line. You may not be able to sit together… but you will enjoy the show. I watched the Ice Show by myself when Patrick was riding the FlowRider for the umpteenth time…!! Just stood in the “wait” line and filled an empty seat…!

So go ahead and grab all of the FREE show tickets that you want to attend – no worries…!

TICKETS will be printed and placed in your StateRoom upon your Arrival. I will place a Dry/Erase Vinyl Sheet to the BACK of my door – this is where I scribble a REMINDER of my Show Times, Dinner Reservations and Excursions. I also travel with a couple Magnet Clips to HOLD my tickets there as well…. SAVES me the struggle of finding them.


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