I have added a link from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) Cruise Ship Ratings as it relates to our Oasis of the Seas.

ANY rating of 93 or less is unacceptable.  Oasis has a PERFECT RATING. 

Norovirus is NOT UNIQUE to Cruise Ships..!  The Media will report on these outbreaks and alarm the public.  So let’s get the FACTS.

1.   23 MILLION people – that have been accounted for – contract the Virus EACH YEAR.

2.   50% of ALL Outbreaks occur in Long-Term Care Facilities.

3.  Other facilities – Restaurants, Schools, Banquet Halls, Summer Camps, Colleges, Prisons, Cruise Ships and Military Encampments. (During Iraqi Freedom – 2003 to 2007 – MOST Outbreaks of the US Marines and British Troops were the Norovirus).

4.  MOST Outbreaks occur between November – April.

5.  Health Officials Track illness on Cruise Ships.  So outbreaks are found and reported much more quickly on a cruise ship than on land.  The CDC Requires a Public Report be filed – UNLIKE any other facility – therefore the Media is quick to report as well..!

6.  Norovirus is CAUSED – By ANYONE NOT WASHING THEIR HANDS AFTER USING THE BATHROOM – then touching EVERYTHING…!  Such as…Elevator Buttons, Hand Rails, Door Handles, Food Buffet Tongs.

7.  More Passengers will contract this virus in sharp contrast to the Staff.  FACT:  Staff is fully trained on cleanliness guidelines.  Staff has a vested interest in NOT having an outbreak occur.  They will be quarantined to the ship for “Code Red” cleaning.  This will involve EVERY staff member NO MATTER their Rank.  They will NOT be permitted their “down time”.  They will NOT be permitted off of the ship.  They WILL clean and sanitize every and all surfaces completely.  This is why the staff will NOT take the chance of spreading a germ that is EASILY avoided…!  

8.  It is the PASSENGERS WHO ARE LAZY and DO NOT wash their hands after using the bathroom whom are the guilty culprits of spreading this virus…!

9.  PLEASE: Wash your hands with Soap and Water – After using the Bathroom, Before Eating, Before Touching the Buffet Food Utensils…!!

10.  FURTHERMORE:  DONT’T Touch everything that has been mass handled with your bare hands..!  You can AVOID this virus if you keep your hands Soap and Water Clean.  

11.  Liquid Gel Sanitizers are only 60% affective and DO NOT kill the Norovirus..!

12.  Listen to the National News Media with “a grain of salt” and have the Knowledge that it is a more Sensational story to report on a Cruise Vessel and not so much on a Nursing Home or other facility that has an outbreak.

13.  In 2012 there were 407 Outbreaks of Norovirus in NURSING HOMES alone..!  We might hear of ONE Cruise Ship per year.  MOST years there are NONE to report…!!!


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