Bikini ClothesLine

Bikini ClothesLine

Here’s a little, lightweight, but important thing to toss into your luggage..! About 15 feet of ClothesLine…!

Simply placing your wet bathing suits onto your Balcony will allow them to air dry… BUT, when the ship is moving – the breeze will pick up your suits from the back of the chair and toss them out to sea…! NEVER lay anything on the railing – those items will be the first to get tossed over – even your wet towels…!

Years ago I started packing some line to string up between two points on my balcony.

This is a picture that I took on Freedom of the Seas during my Mother-Daughter Cruise.

The opaque balcony “divider” wall was also unlocked by our Room Steward as we had side-by-side Balcony Cabins. This allowed us an extended-shared space to mingle – and to walk between the two cabins barely dressed without having to go into the hallway and knock on the door…!

If you have a Suite… you will have a Full Tub/Shower bathroom and a convenient over tub retractable clothesline to use.

Otherwise… tying your Daily wet suits up to air dry is lovely..!

If you don’t pack a line… TIE your suits to the chair backs OR weave your “man’s” trunks into the webbing so you will not lose it…!!

Pool Towels are now handed out WITHOUT a deposit. I guess the corporation calculated very few were ever stolen and unaccounted for. Simply take a Fresh towel from the Pool Attendants each day and toss your wet, sandy, dirty towel into the Laundry Bin.

Royal will “frown” on any towel hanging on your Balcony railing… your Stateroom Attendant has been trained to remove those. It is considered a cluttered and unsightly look as viewed from the outside of the ship… As we pull up along side other cruise lines and you see the scattered clothes and towels hanging over their railings you will see what I’m describing. It looks unkept and untidy… So keep them over your deck chairs and respect the “ShipShape” cleanliness guidelines…

Ships are VERY clean and tidy. There are constant efforts to keep every little corner – dirt free. Whenever the ship comes into a port – you will witness the crew – hosing, scrubbing and painting the exterior…!! Window washers have special “gang-walks” with safety harnesses that they ride in while we are At Sea – and they constantly wash off the Salty Sea Water from the exterior windows and metal structure. The salt is very damaging and a constant “counter attack” takes place to extend the life of the vessel.


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