Room Service

Room Service

Ahhhh…. The All Included Room Service…! To enjoy Breakfast on your Balcony – simply fill out the “door hang” Menu the night before. Choose anything or everything – select a time (that you will be AWAKE)… Hang it in the hall before bed and like magic it will promptly be at your door. Your Room Steward will set up your breakfast on your balcony if you would like. Take a look at the little coffee pots – if you love your Java – order two or three of those babies.

NOTE: This is why you should pack a lightweight robe if you didn’t book a suite that comes with a ship-robe. It’s really awkward hiding under the covers while your Man opens the door..! A little known fact… Ask your Room Steward if there are any extra robes that you can make use of for your week..! Usually he will accommodate you with a Plush Monogramed RCCL Turkish Towel robe…! Don’t keep it – you will be charged $100. You can choose to buy a Royal one prior to sailing in the section named CruiseWear or onboard for cheaper than a hundred bucks..!

This is a BEAUTIFUL Photo of Patrick on our Balcony “enjoying” breakfast..! It was his very first morning on a cruise ship. Prior to this…when he set foot onto the ship the previous day – his infamous words were – “I’m going to pace myself with the bar drinks and take it easy.” Ba ha ha ha We can clearly see from this picture – that he tossed that plan overboard…!!!

You can enjoy Room Service at no additional charge UNLESS you call between 12midnight and 5am. Then there will be a $3.95 charge applied to your SeaPass – this is due to the FACT that Teens and Drunks will hit up the service between those hours and become a nuisance..!!!! So let them PAY..!

You can also – Take a plate, a tray or a box of food from ANY restaurant and bring it to your room…! I have done this too. When I have to eat Lunch ALONE because Patrick will not stop surfing on the FlowRider…!

I also think it’s fun to sit on my private balcony and grab a heaping plate of french fries after months of salads…!!!


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