Formal Nights

Formal Nights

For me…. I find the comfy High Heel Shoes first..! Then I make sure they will compliment BOTH of my gowns. This ship is HUGE and by the time you leave your room – you are walking a lot..!

I also pack “Club Dresses” as I don’t like dancing in my long dresses. So, I’ll dress for Formal (2 nights), have Champagne in our Suite on the Balcony, leave early to seek out the Photographers, enjoy my fancy Main Dining Room dinner – then head back to my cabin to change into a Short Club Dress to dance the night away…! FURTHERMORE – My Club Dresses will also double as Semi-Formal Dinner nights..!

Ship Dry Cleaning is great…! Dance all you want – next morning send it with your Room Steward for Dry Cleaning or Laundry service – It will be back in your room by the following morning – MOST of the time – by the same night…! Just plan on a optional look in case it does take 24 hours – seriously have seen my dresses returned by evening…! All for about $2.50…!

Men: Tuxedo or Suit

Women: Fancy Pantsuit, Cocktail length dress, or Gown.

NOT: Short Sleeved Shirts, Jeans, Shorts, Sundress. I have seen a “Tuxedo printed Tee-Shirt”… he really looked out of place…!

Royal will not critique your Formal Wear as to their “guidelines” – however – be aware that your fellow cruisers will if you truly wear something that is VERY casual. Formal Nights are not mandatory – Many seasoned cruisers choose to have a drink at the Champagne Bar in their casual clothes and simply people-watch the crowd at they stroll by…! I personally love the seniors that reach out to my passing hand for a compliment… so sweet..! (…and that will be me sitting there someday..!)

If you choose… As soon as you board the ship on Saturday Morning…. Go STRAIGHT to the Vitality Spa and make an appointment for “hair and makeup” for your Formal look. Makeup alone will cost you about $100. Complete with lashes. (My hair – ugghhh – I have to do this myself..! I tried the make-up appointment once – but now I just do the “paint job” myself.) BE AWARE – That Dinner is at 8:30, Photos at 7:30, so plan your hour long or more appointment at around 5:30 – 6:00 – having showered FIRST. Then you simply throw on that dress and shoes. Heaven Knows – time flies by when you’re trying to get that “look” together…!

For MOST of us… this is ALL about the Cruise Photos…! We will look our best – and have that special moment captured forever…!

Places to find your Formal Look…. FIRST – your closet…! SECOND – Consignment Shops – as women only wear these fancy things once or twice – THIRD – Hit Boom Babies and try on everything…! I plan to wear this one in the picture AGAIN – even though my cruise pics are starting to OverLap the dresses… The challenge is simply getting into the damn things two years later…!! If it’s hanging in my closet for months ahead – then THAT becomes my diet challenge…! (writing this after a weekend of Pretzels, Candy and Chocolate..! Today I go back on Salad and Chicken – yuck..!)  Sucks to have BEST girlfriends 20 and 30 years YOUNGER than me…!  You girls are going to look so “fresh and young”… I’m going to have to ask for the “soft lens focus” this year..!!   If they even dare to ask me if I’m YOUR mother….!!!  I’m jumping over board..!!  Ba ha ha ha…!!


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