Oasis Jogging Track

One of my most FAVORITE things to do on this ship…! I love to take a walk around the track. It is a well marked ONE WAY track. Keeping to the Right if you walk and to the Left if you Run. Little signs every where will make you smile and encourage you to keep going. Most importantly is that on this class ship it is completely covered from the sun and out of the way of the poolside masses of people in your way.

On the other cruise ships the track is located on the top deck in FULL SUN and by 11am you are having to dodge all kinds of people standing or placing their chairs right onto the course..! Here you will have a nearly private run and a beautiful view of the ocean – all in the SHADE..!

I HIGHLY suggest that everyone go to Deck 5 and walk this track. Either go thru the doors located at mid-way off the Royal Promenade or take a stroll into the Gym and find the track entrance door in the back.

You will get an up close view of the LifeBoats too…! You can touch them and even peek inside thru their windows – however security cameras are watching – so no mischief..! Fun for the curious and great for a photo. The BONUS is that very few; if any people will be using the many deck chairs all along the route. Patrick and I sat on the AFT chairs all by ourselves and watched the massive wake coming off of the props.

Oasis and Allure of the Seas have the longest jogging tracks at sea..! It is 2200 feet long, which is nearly twice as long as a land based track. Each lap is 4/10 of a mile long – so 2.5 laps will equal just over a mile run..!

I linked a video that some “cruiser guy” made while he walked the entire length. He added no voice or music – so it leaves an excellent video of the walk around.

At video marker #258 you will see the AFT of the ship and all those empty deck chairs. At video marker #650 is where you enter the BOW of the ship and it is the only place on the track that is fully enclosed.

So feel free to take a nice walk along this track, stake a claim on an empty chair to read a book or ocean gaze… and feel like you are all alone on a ship that is sooooo big you may not even see one of the 8,700 people sailing with you…!!


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