Labadee Cabanas

Labadee Cabanas

Just a Heads Up…!  Patrick and I have each rented a WaterFront Beach Cabana for our Day on Labadee.  At the time we did this last Thursday there was only one more cabana that remained for renting.  This is due to a CHANGE in booking.  Usually you would have to do this as soon as you board the ship.  Presently you can call the Group Number and ask to be transferred to book this today.  It’s such a recent change that my “Royal Group Agent” didn’t even know.  I was patient while I waited for him to check with his superior.  He was amazed that he was not informed.  He transferred my call and I was able to book two cabanas using two different credit cards.  I still have to run to Guest Services to confirm this once onboard..!!

I am putting this out there BECAUSE…. the cabanas are on a Private Beach with entry only to those wearing a wrist band.  Each cabana only allows 5 people (six if you beg to keep couples together…!  The perks are: A beautiful uncrowded beach, an upgraded free lunch buffet and specialty menu at cost, floating mats, snorkle gear, six bottles of water, a personal waiter for the bar runs, a ceiling fan, two cushioned lounge chairs, a wrap around couch and the cabana covered for shade and view.

We scored two WaterFront Beach Cabanas with a swim up and off location.  Last cruise we had the HillTop Cabana… it’s too big of a hike for our Mom’s.

People in our Cabanas… #1: Lori, Mom, Cammeo, Christina, Jodi, Ryan.  #2: Patrick, Mom.  This leaves no room to wrist band anyone for my bunch. Patrick could possibly have two couples more into his.

The Cabanas are $225 each rental – booked under one name – paid at time of booking – everybody chips in to cover the cost if that is the arrangement…

As of last Thursday, I was told there was only one left and it was also the WaterFront location.

I just wanted my group to know that on Labadee we may not be completely together…!  But decided to give our Mom’s an amazing location to enjoy the island in luxury…!  We won’t be buying any excursions so it seemed feasible…

P.S. I am aware that the link is not updated and still gives the old information as to booking.  I am not a Royal employee – otherwise THAT would be changed.  I had to really stress with the agent that he needed to believe me and find the right transfer for my call.  In the end… he learned the update and I scored two reservations…!!  Win Win


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