Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville

Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville

Imagine any number of Rum Drink concoctions that you could dream up and a bar menu compete with Nachos or Coconut Shrimp.

Located safely within the Cruise Port.

NOTE: At the end of your day in Jamaica… board the ship well within the time constraints. Find a venue onboard that gives you a view of the drunks running to the ship before the gate closes…! Happens every single time…!

The ship will wait for NO ONE. Those cruisers that sat too long at the bar will be scurrying and screaming just to try and get onboard in time..! It is a really funny scene.

Admittedly… we did this in Mexico one year…! We chose to leave Armando behind with the Port Security as he tried to board with a bar deck chair..! BA ha haha The fact that we were wearing obscenely shaped Balloon Hats – did not make us look credible for any negotiations with security had we needed to plead for boarding late…!!

I highly suggest that you watch this free show of “Cruisers Gone Wild”. Maybe this is why they are called Rum Runners..! Ba ha ha

You may be lucky enough to watch from the sanctity of your balcony if it is on the Dock Side..!


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