Falmouth, Jamaica

Falmouth, Jamaica

A photo of the Cruise Port in Falmouth, Jamaica. I highly suggest that you do not venture beyond the high fencing and barbed wired surround of the safety of this port.

This “page” will allow me only one picture per post. So please click onto the next page to view the beautiful Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville Restaurant that is within the safe haven of this port..!

It was built with the interest of the cruise travelers who stop here. Jamaicans with food, drinks, jewelry and crafts are licensed to rent open-air spaces and shops. You can step off of the ship and experience a safe and well monitored touristy example of Jamaica. There are several restaurants and bars all within this port.

It is a Royal Caribbean built and owned cruise port. Only recently have they contracted with Disney to allow their ships to stop here.

It will not be safe for you to go beyond this safe-haven unless you have pre-purchased a Royal Caribbean approved excursion..! This warning is especially for my Daughter and her BFF…! They have a crazy idea of wandering around with the locals for Jerk Chicken and even into the Jungle for that oh so special animal encounter..! Don’t do that girls…!! Buy yourselves a SAFE Royal Caribbean Excursion. Your day will be safe and your experience will be very rewarding – I Promise.

As soon as you venture beyond the gates; the local Jamaicans will surround you in a way that you will not be comfortable with. Women will actually grab your hair and beg you to pay them to braid it. Men will plead non-stop for you to buy their wares. Seriously disturbing is if they grab any totes or purses that you may be carrying, I really hate that.

Oasis of the Seas is primarily and foremost your destination. It is an amazing floating fun resort. You can step off into the cruise port for that Jamaican experience and buy a little keepsake for your friends at home. There will be clean places to eat Jerk Chicken and drink Rum Runners. They also have street performers and music to keep the day fun and the experience truly Jamaican.

So stretch your Sea Legs and walk off of the ship – but do so with an educated eye. Keep valuables locked into your room safe. Don’t flash your money around. Have only small bills available and hide any other money that you wish to carry.

I would also plan ahead to use only cash and keep your credit cards preferably locked up in your stateroom safe or hidden on your person where they will not get “pick pocketed” by a random person that preys on tourists..!

Have a Safe and Fun day in the cruise port. Knowing that your ship is right within view.

You may also choose to stay on the ship that day. The pools and bars will be open and not as crowded with most of the cruisers going on land. Windjammer will maintain hours and be serving food.

Your SeaPass will NOT work for purchases on land in the Port shops.

You will also NOT be permitted to disembark or embark without your SeaPass ID. DON”T lose your only pass to get back onto the ship…! This is also why I strongly suggest that you have previously photo copied your passport and credit cards to keep in your stateroom safe – in the rare, but horrible occasion that your ID is lost or stolen – your cabin mate can board the ship and obtain your photocopies for the purpose of identifying you for embarking. They will then put a stop on your SeaPass for theft and resubmit you a new one. You will of course have to have a different credit card to complete this task..! Guest Services will assist you with your stolen credit card using that handy photocopy…! Calling “Ship to Shore” charges will apply. However, you will want to STOP all purchases on that stolen card immediately.

Well, all of this scary stuff being said…! I can not wait to hear each of you describe your personal experiences from your day in the cruise port of Falmouth, Jamaica..!


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