Cozumel Bar Hop

Cozumel Bar Hop

I read a lot about this on Cruise Critic.  Not a single complaint and many people have repeated the experience with another cruise to Cozumel.
All of the information is on the Link to their website.  THIS IS NOT a Royal Caribbean Excursion, however sometimes we find there are a few reputable businesses being run that you can feel safe booking with.  Patrick and I did a non-Royal booking in Grand Cayman and we were very satisfied.
The number one problem with not being “linked” to the ship with your excursion reservation is that they will NOT wait for you if there is any event that prevents you from making it back to port on time – with a Royal Excursion they will wait.
Every person on Cruise Critic stated that this was run very professionally and on time.  They really do take their group away from the bar and onto the van in an orderly but timely fashion.  Tough job…! I’ve seen the drinkers at these Tiki Bars…!!
You can read thru the website and make a decision.  If we have our own group going then we can reserve our OWN VAN…!  The Bonus is they will pick us up at Port and return us there too..!  No extra Taxi ride..!
The big draw to this is… Four Beautiful Beach Bars – each with their own set of fun.  Could be a pool or hammock in the shade… or your own table at the waters edge…  You receive one free shot at each stop… and a Tee-shirt.  The package costs $57 per/person.  They ask for 27 up front to reserve it.  All additional food and drinks from the menu are at your own expense.  
Check out the photos…. The damn bar drinks are stupid huge…!   Sounds like a lot of FUN…!
We are in Cozumel from 8 am to 7 pm (11 hours) and this Bar Hop is a 5 hour trip…!  You could get off the ship – shop – then get your drink on…!!!
Punta Morena

Punta Morena is the most luxurious beach on the Hop where you can enjoy beach chairs, shaded hammocks, massages, swimming pools, a natural cove, a trio band and giant beachy cocktails to get the party started!


Perched atop a seaside cliff, offers more than just breath-taking views. You’ll find a fun-filled, groovy atmosphere with amazing food and magnificent margaritas. And there’s definitely something to be said for the wildlife here too!

Playa Bonita

A Cozumel favourite since 1979, its fun-loving staff serves up laughter, enormous cocktails and incredibly fresh and delicious seafood. Up in the restaurant or down on the beach, enjoy the sea breezes and spectacular views.


Also known as The Bob Marley Bar, they’re famous for having the best coconut shrimp on the island. Swing in your hammock to reggae tunes, have a seat at the bar, grab a table up top or down on the beach, while this family run joint serves up tasty drinks and their succulent signature dishes. Stress does not exist here. Yeah mon!


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