Cruise Critic

Cruise Critic

Here is a LINK to a Website called Cruise Critic.

This specific link is for a thread in an online CHAT of only people going on our exact cruise in May.

In 2008 I discovered this site and spent three months prior chatting with others about Patrick and my upcoming Liberty of the Seas cruise.  I made “friends” online.  We went to the “Meet and Mingle” gathering always held the first morning of sailing.  I didn’t have a real connection with anyone.  The online friends that I really wanted to meet had not shown.

During the days of the cruise we became BEST friends with Armando and Keith and met them in Las Vegas the following year..!

Three years LATER… I was back on Cruise Critic for my Allure of the Seas cruise with Armando and Keith and noticed that “Latin Guy” and “Jairzinho” were familiar posters to me as they had been on the Liberty cruise with us. A few minutes of researching our old threads and it dawned on me…!!!  That WAS Armando and Keith…!!!  They said they had never made it the “Meet and Mingle” as they were hung over..!!  But we had been online friends BEFORE we became real friends…!!  Imagine the surprise to learn that it was our destiny for us all to become friends…!!

My online name is WEDNOMOR, Jodi is VeganHottie, Cammeo is Slootmagooter.  This is a free site.  You can simply read without posting comments or questions.  If you would like to jump in – create a free account by adding an Avitar and prior sailing history.

If you want to Chat and then meet your online friends… Sign up for the “Meet and Mingle”.  Jodi and I had a good time with our Independence of the Seas thread and suggested a meet-up at the Sky Bar for Sail Away, that’s where we met about 28 people from our online chats..!  It was a fun SailAwayParty..!

This cruise I am traveling with sooooo many of my best friends, family members and our Moms that I don’t want to commit to the MeetUp as I just may not make it..!  Royal Caribbean will set aside a room for this meeting – so if you sign up you should plan to attend.

However, the Cruise Critic website has TONS of information about cruising on every single ship.  It has Member Reviews that you can read – with an open mind.  I find that cruisers get lost in the weeds with Food expectations, Excursion Adventures and Ship Services.  I always make my own fun and don’t expect anyone else to do this for me.  So feel free to read all about their cranky “bad” reviews and delight in the uplifting positive reviews…!

This site is a fair cross-section of the cruisers that you will encounter onboard.  Just like in my everyday life experiences – I can always find a new friend…!


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