Weird Stuff to Bring?

I bring a Yellow Highlighter pen.  With my morning coffee I will read the Cruise Compass and highlight any activity that I might want to participate in.

A simple Night Light is useful as the cabins are pitch black and have no light to see your way to the bathroom.  The plugs on Oasis are located under the vanity/desk so a light that will shine down is perfect for a well lit path.

A generous length of close line to hang my wet bathing suits on the balcony to dry.  You realize if you just put them out the over a deck chair they will blow off of the ship…!!

3M-Rmovable Plastic Hooks to stick anywhere to hold my SeaPass, Camera or Robe.

Freezer Thick ZipLoc Bags – useful for putting just about anything in when you go to the Beach or Pool that you don’t want to get wet or sandy.

A cheap hanging bag with compartments.  Like the ones you put shoes in.  If it has clear plastic pockets you just keep it in your closet or on that 3M hook and toss flip flops, jewelry and other small clutter stuff in.  Mom bought me a new one for Christmas that has all zipper pockets – I will fill it here with jewelry, headbands, lip balm and other small items, pack it then simply hang it in my closet.

Single Dollar Bills.  Great for Room Service tipping.

Hard Sunglass Case.  So they don’t get crushed in your bag while you play.

Zerox Photo Copy of your Credit Card and Passport.  If your lose those things – the copy will be secured in your safe.  Take photocopy of Credit Card back sides to have a call number for alerting the bank…!  You’re Welcome.

You Don’t have to pack a Hair Dryer unless you have my fat hair…!

Beach Towels are all over the ship and even on their island – so leave yours at home.

So many people bring duct tape that if you really need it – make a friend in your hall and borrow some.  They will feel so useful.

I also bring my “Pill Kit”.  It’s a plastic 7 day pill holder.  In each snap-shut compartment I add a different medicine and label the tops.  For example: Excedrin, Aleve, Tums, GasX… whatever you want..!  Depends on who your cabin mate is..!!

I bring some moleskin and a small pair of scissors.  Those high heels are a killer at the end of the night – so I need to add some comfort to my shoes to keep me dancing.



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