Found a Price Drop..!

Well, 2013 ended on a Cruise High Note…!  I was able to secure Brittany and Mark a Price Drop for their Category N Stateroom with a New York State Residency Price Drop.  (I still believe that this has brought me considerably more delight to find than it even was for them to receive.)

I spotted the drop and quickly called Royal.  The savings was deducted from their total cruise fare.  Royal sent them an email confirmation of this request but not before I blasted out a text to inform them both of this exciting find..!

I will continue today and everyday up until our final payment to find Price Drops for the following categories in our group.

Those categories that I will now hunt for are: Category D-5, Residency Status of New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Canada and a Military discount and Senior.  That’s 8 categories to “hunt” for.

Happy New Year….!!!  Fingers Crossed for Good Luck and I will find a savings for all…!!

P.S.  Two Hours after they got their Price Drop applied the Category N Staterooms jumped up higher than what they originally paid.  This is how they fill the ship…Supply and Demand.


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