Set Sail Pass

Set Sail Pass

Use this link to create a UserName and Password for your own personal cruise account.  

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“Click On” Online Check In.

Using your Reservation Number NOT the group number.  You will create an online account within the Royal Caribbean Website.

Once you have your own account – you can reserve and pay for the following… Excursions, Specialty Dining, Spa Packages, and your Drink Package.

Also TAKE NOTICE of your Dining Assignment Time – You’ll want late dining at 8:30 pm unless you plan on eating in the Main Dining with all of the kids and families at 6:00 pm.  Furthermore, TAKE NOTICE of your bed arraingment if you want the beds together for a couple or apart for cabin mates.  These things should be some of the plans taken care of in advance.  (Armando and Keith opened their cabin door on Liberty and was greeted with a shared king size bed…!!  BA ha ha – they were quick to tell the room steward that they were not a couple..!!)  

When you have chosen all of the extras that you will buy, you then HAVE TO fill out your Cruise Documents.  You will need the exact Credit Card recorded that you will use onboard.  You will enter your Pass Port ID number, date of birth, middle name and address.

All those with a printer will then be able to print out their Luggage Tags when they become available two weeks prior to sailing and also your Sea Pass.

NO ONE will board the ship without a Sea Pass that is completed.  You will see first timers off to the side scrambling to fill it out.  We will of course just zip thru the booking process in about 15 minutes or less.  This is Oasis and the processing is high tech and super fast; providing all of your documents are fulfilled correctly.  They built a special facility just to process over 5,000 people efficiently and it is amazingly smooth..!

If you do not have a printer you can opt to pay a nominal fee and they will send you your Set Sail Pass and Luggage Tags thru the mail.

When you print out your Luggage Tags – they are flimsy and useless…!  You will HAVE TO reinforce them with clear plastic packing tape – the thick sturdy kind.  Then simply follow the directions on the label to attach it to your bag for boarding.

Your Set Sail Pass paper work will be discarded and replaced at boarding with your beautiful plastic Sea Pass.  

The Sea Pass will be your Room Key for entry and your onboard credit card for purchases everywhere on the ship or on Labadee Island.

Of course any and all of your questions and confusion can be ironed out with an email to me.  I can even access your account if you like as I am doing so for my Mom and Patrick’s.

Being organized and prepared will guarantee you a pleasant and stress free boarding experience.


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