NEW Motion Sickness Bands

NEW Motion Sickness Bands

PSI Bands $16 thru REI online with FREE Shipping.
An BIG improvement over my Walmart Sea Bands ($7).
These have many adjustments for comfort. A DIAL to personalize the pressure point. Also – Waterproof.

You can take Dramamine, Bromine, Ear Patches or Ginger Gum. All of those conflict with your capacity to stay awake. Due to the Drug Effect you should not drink alcohol either.

That’s why I like the Acupressure Wrist Bands.

Even though Oasis is the most stable of all the cruise ships with her extra technology using constant stabilizers and widened hull – I still swear by these little cuties. On Formal nights you will see them under my Bling-Bling bracelets..!


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