LIVE Web Cam

LIVE Web Cam

The above link is to the Port Everglades LIVE Web Camera.  

You can see the activity of this busy port 24 hours a day.  Most importantly you can see “your” ship sailing out on the same itinerary as you will be on – but each week prior.

Then when you are onboard – give the link to your friends and family at home.  Tell them to go online to this site and you will wave to them..!

The camera is operated by a wholesale mortgage banking company located on a high rise building at the mouth of the port.  Each sailing a camera operator zooms into the PORT side of the ship as it departs.  You can run to that side and WAVE..!  Some people are on their decks with ready made signs.

On Jodi and Ryans cruise I talked with them from the port before sailing and I could see them waving like crazy from their balcony.  I watched them heading off to sea from the boredom of my house with great ENVY..!!  

Watch this Saturday at 5PM and you will see Oasis Sail Away…!!!


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