Laundry Service

Laundry Service

Above is the link to the RCCL onboard Laundry, Dry Cleaning and Pressing prices.  Although it is quite possible they are a little different.  I actually remember it being cheaper on the bigger ships.

Because we are sailing on a ship – FIRE is a big No-No.  So for this reason any iron for pressing clothes is prohibited.  That is why for $4.75 you can have your full length satin or silk evening gown pressed for the night.

If you keep a watchful eye for either Wednesday or Thursday you will find a special laundry bag on your bed.  It is a bargain – ONE price for everything you can shove into it and they will wash, fold and return it by the next morning.  Poor Bastards will be doing our laundry while we party and sleep.

Furthermore, if you are concerned about wrinkles when you arrive… just pack those items on the top inside your luggage.  First thing that you do when the bags come to your stateroom (usually around dinner time) is fill out your laundry sheet to have those items pressed, place items in appropriate bag that is hanging in your closet – leave it all together on your bed.  

It will magically disappear when your room steward turns down your bed – and it will all be back hanging in your closet before the next evening.  All for a couple of bucks.  Not Bad..!


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