iPhone APPs and All Phone ROAMING

First of All…!!!  

BEFORE YOUR TRIP:  Call your cell phone carrier and tell them that you will be traveling on a cruise to the Caribbean.  They will ask you for the cruise line, the dates and the ship name.  This will allow them to update your phone (free) for the Caribbean calling connections in case you need to dial home.  Just remember that a 10 minute phone call can cost upwards of $5.00 per minute so ASK.  Texting is also at a Premium..!  Write down the prices quoted for Calling out, Sending Text and Receiving Text.  Then get on the ship and Just turn the thing OFF.

EVERY PHONE SHOULD HAVE DATA TURNED OFF before or at 5PM on Sail Away.  You should simply disconnect with loved ones, friends and business at home.  Turn off your Data Plan, Turn to AirPlane Mode or better yet – Shut Her Down..!  It’s a Vacation..!

International Roaming Charges will Apply and will be extroidinarily expensive..!  

NEXT:  I have discovered two APPS for iPhone.

One is Royal Caribbean Cruise Official site APP.  

The other is called ShipMate APP.

Both will allow you to “download” Deck Plans for your particular cruise onto your phone.  You will be able to access the Deck Plans while your iPhone is in “Airplane Mode”.

However, I believe that the ShipMate APP is superior.  It has a one button download and a one button delete for after cruise.  The RCCL app is a pain – having to download each Deck and delete App with Data after.

So, I like the ShipMate and here are some other useful things on that APP:

Enter your cruise info and you have a countdown, all Itinerary info, Top 50 FYI questions answered, and off course all 18 Deck Plans.  (…also has a Chat Room – but I’d rather chat on CruiseCritic than my phone..!)

Using your iPhone on board for navigating with your iPhone is up to you.  I would probably lose my phone, get it soaked at a pool or party dial home..!  

I prefer to leave mine in my room safe – with Data turned off – then powered down.

iPAD:  Because Apple allows APP sharing thru “The Cloud” the ShipMate APP can be used on your iPad.  On the larger screen the information is formatted completely.

Deck Plans are fantastic because you can enlarge them for easy viewing and sharing.

Your cruise information will be fully loaded and you can easily see the Excursions offered at each Port.  (give them a few seconds to load)  Click on the excursion and you get the price and time frame.  Handy.  (Book thru your computer.)

Just a little side note about Excursions:  ALWAYS book an excursion while “inside” your cruise on the RCCL website.  There are the same named excursions for each ship HOWEVER the code is different – this allows you to buy a reservation for your particular sailing..!  Not some random package..!  When you create your online account for your cruise THAT is where you book your excursions..!


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