Stay Connected On Board w/Dry Erase


This was our Dry Erase Board that we had on Liberty of The Seas 2008.  We met Armando and Keith on that cruise..!!  They were brand new friends that we shared cabin numbers with and they would scribble a note about being at the pool or nightclub.  We would discover the note and meet up with them..!

Your cabin door is metal so magnets work great.  Flexible magnet strips are light weight and will hold the board.  

I have as of late just brought a roll of easy release Dry Erase Contact from Hobby Lobby.  It’s lighter in my luggage.

Get the Dry Erase Markers that have Magnets or use a string to attach.

NOTE:  You Can Not use any kind of tape that leaves a residue..!  

Also carry a note of cabin numbers or use permanent  marker and write on your key.   9BUT not the floor of your cabin..!  if you lose that Sea Pass it is attached to your credit card.  It will only have your cabin number not your Deck number.)

Use the phones that are at every elevator and pool doors to call the Staterooms and leave a message of where you are at and the time.

Also have a Pre Plan for a Meet-Up if you have Lost each other..!  We use the Solarium as it has the Adult Pools and Two Bars…  Find us there if you have called the Stateroom and Written a Door Message..! 

Decorate your Boards or Not… But get a Message Center on that Home at Sea..!



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