Getting Around OnBoard

Getting around this massive floating resort will involve a comfortable pair of shoes and a knowledge of key locations.  

This Ship is OPEN in the center – making it more difficult to find a way to cross from Port to Starboard hallways without a great deal of walking.  Best to know when you get off the elevator which way to turn..!

Learn the ship terms and Carpet Colors…!!

Bow = Front

Aft = Back

Port = Left (when on ship facing front)

Starboard = Right (when on ship facing front)

At night the Port will have Red lights and the Starboard will have Green lights.  When you see a ship from your balcony at night you will know which way it is sailing.


  • Terms referring to the right side are longer words (“starboard”, “right”, and “green”), while terms referring to the other side are shorter words (“port”, “left”, and “red”).  
  • The ship has carpeted the hallways in Color Quadrants so you will have four colors to help with your directions.
  • Seven of the eight of our staterooms are on Deck 11.
  • ALL Seven Staterooms are on the PORT side. (Left)
  • Stateroom numbers 11206, 11210, 11214, 11220 are ALL on the PINK carpet.  Middle Ship.
  • Stateroom number 11222, 11224, 11236 are ALL on the BLUE carpet.   Middle Ship.
  • Carpet Colors: Front Port = Pink, Back Port = Blue, Front Starboard = Green, Back Starboard = Yellow.  This is how I remember the colors… Pink & Blue on one side (Port) and Green & Yellow on the other side (Starboard).  To me these are “Baby Shower Colors”  Pink and Blue – we know the baby’s sex and Green and Yellow we don’t.  We all have cabins on the “girl/boy” colors and not the “unknown” baby colors.   Trust Me..!  Getting off the elevator and going down the right hall will save you so much time..!
  • FOOD = FRONT  This “works” for the two largest dining options are found toward the front of the ship.  Main Dining is called Opus Decks 3, 4, 5.  Windjammer Main Buffet is Deck 16 also toward the front.  (Tip.. “Sweet 16 = Food) 
  • ENTERTAINMENT = BACK  This also “works” for the two largest theaters.  The Opal Theater and the AquaTheater.
  • NO 13th FLOOR.  It goes from Deck 12 to Deck 14.
  • DIGITAL Boards located on every floor at every elevator.  Enter your cabin number and it will tell you how to get there.  It has Up-To-Minute – Dining options, Shows, Live Bands, Entertainment and so much more.  Very Helpful.
  • ADULT Pool in the FRONT.  Called the Solarium.
  • NOISY Pools BACK and MIDDLE.  Flowriders and Family pools.  (Tip… Think kids to the back of the bus…!)
  • ELEVATOR – They change the day of the week on the carpet inside at Midnight…!  
  • TIME OF DAY – Clocks are hidden or very small on purpose.  A couple will be found at the pools.  In the clubs you can tell the time of day only on your Bar Tab receipt..!  In your room it is digital and also an iPOD dock.

Staying Connected to Each Other is my Next Post.  Good thing to tell the “Mom’s” or your BFF…!  You will get separated so have a plan.


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