Starz Limo

Starz Limo

The above link takes you to a shuttle service that we used on our last cruise.  We had six people and were charged $8/per person.  This is the competitive rate.  I was given the owner’s personal cell phone.  This is a family business and she runs a tight ship.!

Her name is Mercedes #703.980.0668  

Main Office:  954.651.5513    954.729.3262

It is true that the hotels also will provide a cruise shuttle service.  It is also $8/per person.  However, it is operated by one van on a loop to the port .5 miles away.  So you wait for the crowds to load and unload….  I prefer a reservation.

Starz Limo can pick you up at the airport if you choose for $8 p/p as opposed to the airport GO service for $11p/p. Small group grab a Cab (listed below or available outside in the cabbie line).  

As of today, December 13 I have a known group of 8 that will go into a Van transfer.  (Patrick, Me, Sondra, Sharon, Cammeo, Cristina, Jodi and Ryan).   Luggage sucks up the van space as well.  Some agencys like GO will limit the bags to two each.

When I get into the transfer ride on my way to the ship – I will make my reservation for them to pick us up at the weeks’ end.  This works out nicely, you simply grab your luggage, place a call and the ride will be pulling up outside.

This year Cammeo, Cristina, Jodi and Ryan will all head back to hotel for their cars.  The rest of us will either hotel overnight or head to the airport. 

OPTIONS: This company is located at the Fort Lauderdale Airport right out side.  Big Green Arrow with the Word GO on it.  You can walk up and get a group transfer for $11 each.

A cab ride is perfect for a couple of people (it’s the luggage that will not fit for a group of 4 in a cab)  The ride price is regulated and will cost an estimated $12.

Listed here are the local Cab Services:

Ambassador Taxi Service 954-779-7777
American Taxi Cab 954-708-7499
B&L Service, Inc. d/b/a Yellow Cab of Fort Lauderdale 954-777-7777
Broward Airport Taxi, LLC d/b/a Broward Taxi 954-456-1111
Dial A Taxi Cab 954-888-5858
Friendly Checker Cab Company 954 923-8118
Gold Taxi Service 754-777-8294
Intercity Taxi 954-525-4500
Limo Taxi Service 954-867-6653
USA Executive Taxi of South Florida 954-709-6554

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