United Airport Parking Website

United Airport Parking Website

I have contacted the Embassy Suites Hotel and was informed about Car Parking.  They have an exclusive arraingement with this company.  Your car stays at the hotel open lot.  You have to pre/pay and reserve this service.  

It will cost you the below rates for the dates of  12 noon, May 9, 2014  – 9 am, May 17, 2014

Pay Online = $49.73
$42.00 + $5.00 service fee
+ $2.73 tax
Due at Lot = $0.00
Total Amount = $49.73

$7.00 per day

If you choose to not make a reservation for this service you will park at the cruise port and pay $15 per day costing you $50 more..!  You can not simply leave your car in the parking lot at the hotel all week.

NOTE:  I have already added our dates with a day prior “arrival” and day ending “departure” into the link provided.  If you need to refresh…. follow below.

Select your dates (calander was broke so manually added numbers into the box)

Select the PTE Fort Lauderdale from the “drop down” list.

NOTICE: After you hit enter… Go to the BOTTOM of page.  The Embassy Suite Hotel has it’s own link for a reservation…!!  If you are at my hotel – then you will need that arraignment. 



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