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(copy/paste from Cruise Critic – NICE..!)
In 2009 I sailed on Independence of the Seas and was really disappointed in the beer selections on board. I wrote to Royal Caribbean and suggested they might want to carry more craft beers at the Pub. Well I just got back from an Oasis of the Seas cruise last week and was I pleased with the beer selections at the Globe and Atlas Pub. I will list them for reference. I found the prices within reason as well. Hope this helps those searching for details.Becks Pilsner 4.80% $4.75
Carlsberg Pale Lager 5.00% $5.00
Harp Lager pale Lager 4.30% $5.75
Pilsner Urquell Pilsner 4.40% $4.75
Samuel Adams Amber Lager 4.90% $4.75
Spaten Lager 5.20% $5.75
Stella Artois Pale Lager 5.20% $4.75

Bass Ale English Ale 5.00% $5.75
Boddington English Ale 4.70% $5.95
Redhook Long IPA 6.50% $6.25
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale 5.60% $5.75

Widmer Hefeweizen 4.70 $6.25
Guiness Draft Stout 4.10% $5.95
Murphy’s Stout 4.00% $5.95
Newcastle Brown Ale 4.70% $5.75
Samuel Adams Double Bock 9.50% $6.50

Blue Moon Belgian White 5.40% $4.75
Chimay Blue 750 ml Belgian Strong Ale 9.00% $19.95
Hoegarden Belgian White 5.00% $5.75
Leffe Belgian Blonde Ale 6.60% $5.75
Samuel Adams Imperial White 10.30% $6.50

The menu also lists beer cocktails like Black & Tan, Snakebite, Black & Blue, Black & White all mixed up for $6.95

Of course they also feature all the standards like Amstel, Bud, Bud Light, Coors Light,
Dos Equis, Foster’s,Heineken, Michelob Ultra, Mller Genuine Draft, Miller Lite, Peroni, & Red Stripe all for between $4.75 to $6.00


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