Price Drops & Upgrades

Price Drop:  When the industry adjusts the initial selling price to a lower rate trying pull guests into buying.  Their goal is always to sell every cabin.  Only well informed cruisers know that you can call up until final payment and get this lower price.  A Travel Agent will not tell you – as they make a commission and/or are selling you cabins that they have locked into already;  however you can direct them to make that call to obtain your savings.  Little ‘ole me… heck I work for your love and laughter..!  I’ll find that price drop and call RCCL before you know it even happened..!! The fun is telling you after..!!  This is my goal – so I hope they drop the balcony’s…!!!

I have seized upon the first price drop for Patrick and my Junior Suite…!   We booked in April 2013 @ $2329.13 per/person  last night I called for my “drop” and our current cost on the SAME cabin is $1699.13 per/person…!  That’s a savings of $630 for Patrick.  I additionally was made aware that I was eligible for a $100 more off of my cabin fare =(Platinum Crown & Anchor status, booked a balcony over 6 months before sailing)… So my cruise is now $1599.13 which is a $730 savings for me…!!  Yippeeeeee….

Feel comfortable knowing that the price for the D-5 Balcony Staterooms (that includes ALL 6 of the other cabins in my group) – were “locked” in at great price. Right now that price is going up…!  Obviously they are not having any trouble selling your balcony cabins as they are jacking the prices up.

I have learned how cruising is a commodity that we buy into.  Weather events, fuel costs, bad publicity from Carnival or Costa Concordia and numerous other factors will change the prices on a daily basis.  As long as I keep a watchful eye on them – we will come out ahead.  There are some poor bastards on our cruise still paying that $2330 for my identical cabin!  I am happy that it’s not me..!

So in conclusion…. in case I lost you in this “cruise math”.  If you are interested in an upgrade to a Junior Suite – as I mentioned above – they are currently selling at $1699.13 per/person today on 12/5/2013  and your D-5  is costing you $1219.13 per/person.  You AND your cabin mate would be paying $480 more each for the upgrade.  You would then have priority boarding, a full size tub/shower bathroom,  bathrobes, a larger cabin seating area, a larger balcony and a walk-in closet.  I’m just here to keep you informed.  Let me know if I can help.


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