Join Us

SPECIAL Group Booking Phone Number:  #1.800.465.3595

Group ID Number:  4023580

Group Name: Kilnezia  (two names = Kilian + Venezia)

Just call the above Group Number for Royal Caribbean Group Cruises.

The automated directory will ask you to enter #3 for an Existing Group.

Give the person our Group ID number (4023580).

Tell them which type of Stateroom you would like.

Place $250 per/person or $500 per/stateroom to reserve your cruise.

All deposits are 100% refundable up until final payment.

Final Payment is DUE IN FULL on February 24, 2014 BEFORE 5PM..!

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For Air, Hotel, Transfers, Formal Night, Excursions…etc. 

4 comments on “Join Us
  1. Jodi the vegan says:

    Our parking is reserved.
    The site actually worked out some quirks and the reserving was easy.

    Be sure to print out your “parking pass” and bring it… you’ll need to place that in the vehicle as it displays the dates of your reservation.


    • Lori Venezia says:

      It’s all set…!! I printed it out. Reinforced it in clear packing tape. Stuck it in her glovebox with the receipt AND a note that says “Do not remove – for the Cruise..!”


  2. Jodi the vegan says:

    We just upgraded to the ROYAL LOFT SUITE! Boo-ya!! ;D


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